Mesut UĞUR


Uluslararası Finans Danışmanı


Mesut UĞUR is an expert on domestic and abroad credits, leasing, foreign trade, tax planning, company corporations, company buy-out and selling operations, finding strategically partners, immovable development, immovable market and finance.He started his work life in Unilever group in 1984. He worked at Faisal Finance Institution and its partnerships as financial Affairs and Loan Marketing Manager in 1985-1995. He worked in İhlas Finans Organization Co. As Loans Manager and Deputy Manager in 1991-2001. He also performed as a member board of directors in Bisan Bicycle Co. , Ege Rim Industry Co. , Ege Mosan Mopet Industry Co. And Bicycle Industry Co. İn 1995-2000 He has worked as a consultant on finance, marketing and selling since 2001.